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Online RN Courses

Certification Plus offers online medical courses for people interested in starting a new career but without enough free time to attend full time nursing school. If you want to train to become a nurse, or take additional training courses to advance your career, our program allows you to complete your course, while fulfilling your work and family obligations.

We have online RN courses and online LPN courses available for people interested in becoming a nurse and for current nurses to acquire additional certification and satisfy continuing education requirements. The classes are highly interactive, so challenging material is easier to retain and the work can be completed on your own time schedule. Our courses are affordably priced, so you can get the training you need on a tight budget.

Browse our catalog to find online RN courses and online LPN courses. We offer comprehensive nursing packages for individuals interested in training for a new career in nursing. Our programs are organized by state as well as by category, so you will be sure your state’s requirements are being met as you finish completing your online training program.

When you have selected your online LPN courses or online RN courses, you can easily sign up for your classes on our website. The supplemental materials for the classes and advanced study guides are included with your courses. Visit our recommended book store to find books to help you prepare for your certification exam when you have completed your training.